Tough Mudder with For Goodness Shakes

September 2, 2017

Last month, For Goodness Shakes invited us to create a team for the popular, and extremely muddy obstacle challenge, Tough Mudder. Billed as the ‘toughest event on the planet’, the obstacle course is extremely popular, with people completing courses over a variety of distances. Always up for a challenge and being particularly fond of mud-related activities, we rounded up and team and signed up.

The course

The original Tough Mudder is run over a course of 10-12 miles with a selection of obstacles placed along the way to test participants’ strength, stamina and mental toughness. There is a half distance equivalent, as well as longer courses- Tougher Mudder and Toughest Mudder- for those looking to really challenge themselves.

The North West event was held at the charming Cholmondeley Castle in the Cheshire countryside on a wet and windy afternoon in September. Set over 12 miles, the course included a mixture freezing cold ice and mud baths (artic enema), walls to clamber over, obstacles to crawl under, and an abundance of mud to wallow in.

Despite the torrential weather, we were in high spirits, and after a motivational (if not slightly weird) warm up, we were on our way towards the first obstacle. If anything, the heavy rainfall made the course even more brilliantly muddy.

The course isn’t a race unless you want it to be, and many of the obstacles require you to work together to get over/under. One such challenge is the Block Ness Monster- a 60ft course of slippery, rotating barriers which requires ‘mudders’ to work together to push and pull themselves through the water to the other side. It’s on these challenging obstacles where you feel a real sense of camaraderie as all participants come together to help one another. Any lone rangers who proceed without aiding others are swiftly reminded to pull their weight by Tough Mudder veterans, of which there are many.

As a team building exercise or simply an excuse to get seriously dirty with friends, Tough Mudder is great. It’s definitely not ‘the toughest event on the planet’ though and anyone fit will find it fairly easy.

Thanks to For Goodness Shakes for inviting us to take part.

All images c/o Tough Mudder. 


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