Vanlife: How To Make Your Van Feel Like Home

May 10, 2018

Living in a van is a constant balancing act. Trying to reduce the number of possessions you own whilst not compromising on comfort when living in what is effectively a small metal box, can, at times, be tough. When the sun is shining and everything is going well, there’s nothing better. But when the rain comes and everything is wet, vanlife can seem a little bleak. That’s why we’ve put together a short guide to making your rolling home feel like… well, home.

Bright is best

When planning the colour scheme for your van’s interior, remember that light colours will make your somewhat limited space seem all the more spacious. Bright, light walls and plenty of natural light are key here. The same applies to upholstery- avoid dark coloured bedding etc. as it will shrink the space in your tiny home. When we bought our van in Australia, we knew exactly what we were looking for: a clean and bright, blank canvas for us to make our own. Buying a van which someone else has designed could lead to problems further down the line.

Prints and pictures

Stark white walls will make your space seem bigger, but left blank they will also make your van feel stark and bare. Print some of your favourite artwork or photos in miniature to put on the walls. Hanging string from hooks and using mini pegs is a cheap and easy way to display a few of your favourite prints on the walls.

Pillows and throws

Add a few cushions and a nice throw onto your bed or seating to bring some warmth to your van. Pillows are great, not only for comfort and warmth but also for propping your laptop or Ipad up in bed. Choose your own covers to add a bit of personality to the design. We found some nice cheap covers from H&M home which we used to cover some old cushions we picked up from an Op-shop (charity shop).


Plants bring life and add vibrancy to a room, and your van is no different. Small cacti or herbs in a box by the window are great options as they are small and low maintenance. If you can’t handle real plants in your van, why not try artificial plants? No maintenance, no chance of dying and you still create the illusion of having plants. We had a couple of artificial plants in the van which really brought the space to life.

The above ideas are just a few simple ways to transform your van into a haven in which you can really relax on the road. Remember, it’s all about personal preference and what works for you. It can take a bit of time to realise your ideal set-up and get everything dialled. But once you’ve got it, living in a van is a great experience.


Stay tuned for more in this Vanlife series.

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