The Lure of The Open Road

July 17, 2017
Looking down at Llyn Gwynant

I’ve always been drawn to the open road. From a young age I was part of my nomadic parents’ travel plans; six blissfully-long weeks touring France each summer in my Dad’s Mk 2 Golf, filled to the roof with camping equipment. I remember even then as a child, the excitement of not really knowing where we were headed, how long it would take, and what we would pass on the journey. The unknown is what excited me.


This same excitement for the unknown has developed into an insatiable desire to explore. Whether it’s bikepacking coast to coast, or just taking a new route down a local footpath at home, the uncertainty of what lies ahead is the feeling to which I am hooked.

For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move  – Robert Louis Stevenson

I’ve never been able to stay still for too long. Restless in every sense. Constantly in trouble as a child for fidgeting, and on the move of my own accord ever since. It’s the desire to move that has taken me around the world and introduced me to so many different people people. The desire to move has opened up countless opportunities which I would not have had the fortune to experience if I were content with staying still. Stagnant if you like.

The freedom to move by your own steam, with no constraints of timetables and schedules, with nobody else to answer to, is the only way to really travel. Buying a motorbike to ride the length of Vietnam instead of taking the bus, and getting a van in Australia and then again in New Zealand afforded me the opportunity to go off the beaten track and travel slowly, appreciating the beauty of my surroundings.

These travel experiences have had a profound impact on me since returning to the UK. A yearning to explore my own country as I have overseas, to see as much of the land as possible, to enjoy the landscapes which I have never seen. Each weekend a new destination, an unclimbed (by me) peak, a neighbouring valley or an uncharted water. Not knowing what lies ahead at the weekend is what gets me through the week.

The excitement that courses through my veins when packing on a Thursday night, ready for 5pm on Friday when the weekend of adventure begins. My ‘go bag’ ready and waiting for whatever lies ahead. Not knowing what it is, is part of the thrill.

Travelling light and living simply are the fundamentals of life on the road. Carrying excessive amounts of ‘stuff’ will slow you down and detract from the beautiful simplicity of the open road. Only the bare necessities are packed, leaving more time to enjoy the moment and create memories.



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