Side Hustles To Keep You On The Road

September 29, 2018

If you’ve ever found yourself staring out of the office window, dreaming of a life on the road then perhaps it’s time to think about turning those dreams into a reality. But, while packing everything up and heading off into the sunset might seem easy enough, plenty of people stall when it comes to financing the whole thing. Sure, you could live out of your savings account for a while but what happens when they run out? As luck would have it, modern technology means that making money while you’re on the road can be simple when you know how.

So, as you start to plan your dream adventure start to plan for ways of creating a sustainable source of income. Not only will this mean that you can keep your savings for a rainy day, but it could also enable you to travel for as long as you like. And once you’ve got your van feeling just like home, you might find that there is no reason to go back to your old life at all!


The beauty of the internet means that we can now work anywhere at any time. Freelancing is a great way to use your skills to work for as many clients as you want while still having the freedom of travel. Whether you’re a graphic designer, social media whizz, or copywriter, there are jobs out there waiting for you. If you don’t already have these skills, then it is possible to find a way of working with the skills you have and turning them into a freelancing career. For example, if you have a background in engineering then you might find work writing for engineering sites and magazines.

Teaching English

Another great way to make money from working online is by teaching English. There are a whole host of sites looking for native English speakers to teach people from all over the world, all you need to get started is a laptop and Wi-Fi connection. It’s also possible to find work in brick and mortar schools as well as by tutoring students.


If you have a creative talent that you would like to hone, then busking is a great way to earn money while you practice your skill. Whether you’re a musician, dancer, singer, or performer, practicing in front of an audience is the perfect way to get feedback on your craft and, who knows? You might even get famous for it! There are lots of musicians who started out as buskers, such as Duo who found that they also picked up a few other skills while fine-tuning their art form on the road.


Many people often think that they need to look for a whole new way to earn money when they leave their old jobs behind, but the truth is that you will have learned a lot through your previous experience. Think about how you can apply your existing experience to working as a nomad. If you are great at cooking, offer classes or set up a blog detailing how you cook on the road. Hairstylists and therapists are always in high demand when travelling as are yoga instructors and waiting staff. 


If you’re into taking photos and videos and you happen to be visiting some pretty beautiful destinations, why not combine the two and come up with an income! Upload photos to stock image websites and hire yourself out as a destination photographer to companies looking for images from around the world. Videographers can make a great return on creating wedding and travel videos provided that you know how to market yourself.

However you choose to make money while you’re traveling, just make sure that you get your work life balance right! There’s no point in taking off from your 9-5 only to find yourself working all day and night just to keep yourself on the road. Finally, make sure it’s something you enjoy. After all, this is your dream, you want to be happy in it!

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