What You Need To Be A Travel Photographer

June 2, 2021

Becoming a travel photographer is a dream job for many; being able to travel for work, visiting unique and exotic locations, and snapping as many interesting and amazing angles as possible whilst you’re there. 

It’s an amazing career path to follow, but it’s not something people tend to fall into – you’ve got to do a bit of preparation! And if you’ve got a camera and a love of travel, we’ve got the three things you need to be a travel photographer below. Make sure you keep them in mind as you start your journey. 


Have a Platform


A platform is the first thing you need, as you’ll need somewhere to post your photos for the world to see; if you’re planning to attract paying clients an online portfolio will be the best thing to open up here. 

There are heaps of different platforms to choose from both in terms of social media and web hosting. If you really want to sell yourself it’s advisable to have both a social media presence as well as a portfolio website where you can share more in-depth examples of your work. Prospective clients will want to see a little bit more than a 4×5 image on Instagram before they consider hiring you.

Spending a bit of time on your ‘About’ page is essential as this is where site visitors will view first so make sure you put some thought into your description. 



Develop Your Skills


Then it’s time to work on your photography skills – you know how to use a camera, of course, but you need to have that special something that all the greats do. Developing a consistent style is key – your audience should be able to recognise your images straight away if you’re really trying to make it. Focus on your compositions first and foremost whilst also making sure your images are technically sound. 

There are loads of places to learn new skills from experienced professionals online – Skill Share is one website where you can watch hundreds of tutorials on lighting, camera settings, editing techniques, and so on.


Get Some Protection


Finally, you’re going to have to keep your gear safe as you travel, as one small mistake can mean your most important tool (camera) can be out of action. 

Number one, be sure to get some Photographers Insurance, in case a camera breaks or goes missing (or stolen) when on your travels. Similarly, make sure you backup your photos as soon as possible. Once you get back to your hotel or apartment, clear cards, back up and back up again. You should use both online cloud services and an external hard drive to make sure you have copies of images that could otherwise be lost forever. 

Being a travel photographer is a hard graft. Know what kind of photographer you are, set up a platform, and make sure your gear is as safe as can be when on an adventure – you’ll be well on your way to establishing yourself! Most importantly, have fun with it! 

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