How to make money travelling

June 20, 2017

Planning a trip is one of the best parts about your trip (other than when you’re physically away on your travels). Google image searches of your destination and looking at reviews and things to do online becomes your favourite new hobby. However, reality does kick in, and paying for your trip can be one of the toughest processes. There are many, many ways to keep costs low when you travel. But have you ever thought about how you can make travel pay for itself? With a few  hacks you’ll be able to get yourself on many more adventures for less.

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From the local food markets to trying out some new experiences, there are all different ways to barter. At a food market (or any market for that matter), you’re just looking to pay less for something. But even for something like a kite boarding lesson; try to barter. It depends on where your skills lie. But if you have something you can offer someone else, then you can haggle and barter to get a good deal. I have known freelance writers offer to set up and run someone’s social media for them, in exchange for some surfing lessons. So getting yourself on a beginner photography course or improving your writing skills could help you to be able to barter with some desirable skills. 



Travel by human power

One of the most expensive elements of any trip is the transport. Flights can’t be avoided but travel within a country can be extremely cheap if you go on your own. Cycling across a country is a fantastic way to see everything on offer and costs absolutely nothing, leaving you to spend your hard earned cash on the things you love. It’s also a great way to keep fit whilst travelling. If human power simply isn’t an option, look in to buying a vehicle to travel in and then sell it at the end.

Work Freelance

If you can find some work that allows you to work when you are away, then you get the best of both worlds. All you’ll need is your laptop and the internet. Then you can be making some money sat by the pool or do work in the evening so you can explore during the day. Again, there are many sites looking for things like this online, such as People Per Hour, for example.


Rent Out Your Home

When you are away on your travels, is your home or apartment just left empty? If it is, then you are missing a trick! You’ll be paying for your rent or mortgage whether you are in the house or not. So you may as well get a contribution towards it, right? To save even more cash you can look at mortgage refinance options through companies like SoFi. Lower monthly repayments on your mortgage will leave you more money to spend on travel – win-win! 

Choose Housesitting

If you are able to rent out your home when you’re away, as well as house sit somewhere else, then you can be making money rather than spending it. There are housesitting websites online that match up homeowners looking for someone to stay in their house, and it is all for free. Chances are there will be a few chores to do, plants to water or a dog to walk. But for some free accommodation, it is a small price to pay.


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