How to Deal With Travel Disasters

August 1, 2017
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There is no getting away from the fact that people tend to hear a lot of horror stories about travel adventures that went wrong. It’s not something most people want to focus on because they don’t want to worry too much about their experiences. Still, the last thing anyone needs is for something to go wrong when they’re spending time in a foreign country. With that in mind, there is some advice below that should cover all the most common problems. Read the information carefully before planning the next expedition and be sure to cover all the bases. The tips on this page will help people to prepare, and deal with any eventuality.

Losing your passport

Most people would agree the worst thing that can happen abroad often relates to losing a passport. That isn’t an issue if it occurs in the UK because it’s possible to travel to the passport office to get a replacement. However, if people face that situation in a foreign country, they are often in trouble. The important thing to remember is that panicking won’t solve anything. Calmly get the phone number of the UK embassy in that nation, and then ask the consulate for advice. In most instances, those professionals can provide a paper replacement to get the individual’s home. Just remember to:

  • Keep an emergency fund to cover any expenses
  • Check the validity of passports before leaving home
  • Store the passport in a safe place during the trip.


Dealing with illnesses and injuries

Nobody knows if they will become ill or injured during a vacation or adventure. Considering that, it’s always sensible to take some precautions ahead of time. For instance, investing in some travel insurance is essential. That is because most other countries don’t have an NHS as people have in the UK. That means medical care can cost a lot of money, and hospitals won’t treat patients without payment. It’s possible to buy insurance after something bad happens, but it’s going to cost significantly more because the provider knows the individual will make a claim. So, everyone should:

  • Purchase insurance before leaving home
  • Read the small print of the policy to ensure it’s suitable

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Becoming the victim of crime

Nothing is worse than becoming the victim of a crime in a foreign country. However, that is something that happens to tourists all the time. In most instances, the crimes relate to theft and usually involve the holidaymaker losing their spending money. It’s sensible to have a backup plan to ensure that situation doesn’t ruin the experience. So, either try to make some money or find a loan with no credit check. It’s often possible to get money in any account in a matter of minutes, and that move would allow the individual to continue their experience unhindered. Just make sure to never:

  • Keep all bank cards and money in the same wallet
  • Leave a wallet or purse in an unzipped pocket or bag

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Just remember to research as much as possible and plan for every eventuality. That is the best way to have a pleasant time when travelling anywhere.

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