Home or away: How would you like to spend Christmas?

December 13, 2019


The UK holds many different adventures that you can take during the festive period and because of this, Regatta has created an interactive map that shows you a host of iconic winter breaks that you and your family can enjoy in the comfort of the UK.

With a number of festive getaways and activities available in this country, this allows people to save on costly plane tickets and long journeys. For example, instead of traveling to Finland to visit Santa Claus, you can enjoy a few nights in the UK’s version of Lapland which is the home of Father Christmas himself.

Here is a list of the iconic Christmas getaways in the UK compared to one’s similar abroad.

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland is based in Hyde Park, London, and is home to the UK’s largest outdoor ice skating rink. It is filled with Christmas themed bars and food stalls, as well as two circuses and the Magical Ice Kingdom. Winter Wonderland is an enjoyable experience for both children and adults and it is open from 21st November to the 5th of January.

If you’re not from London then you probably want to stay over, in order to make the most of your break. The Leonard Hotel is a great location for easy access to Winter Wonderland and offers affordable prices. So if you want to visit London on a budget then the Leonard Hotel is a great place to stay.

If you want the experience of Christmas all year round then there is a little town based in Germany in Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber that maintains its Christmas spirit all year round. Known for its medieval architecture and fairy tale appearance; It even has a museum that is dedicated to Christmas.

 Photo by pablo soriano on Unsplash

Polar express

The polar express is based in Llangollen, North Wales. During the festive period, Llangollen’s old fashioned railway station is visited by Santa’s express. It is a magical experience that can be enjoyed by the entire family. The journey takes you from Llangollen to Carrog, whilst makes his way around the trains and gives out gifts to the children and a festive drink and mince pie to the adults.

If you want to go abroad to experience the polar express then Stockholm in Sweden is the best place for it. The overnight train travels from Stockholm to Lulea and delivers a relaxing experience. You spend the day in the picturesque Christmas setting of Stockholm surrounded by white snowfalls, followed by a nighttime train journey.


Experience the northern lights at the Isle of Skye in Scotland

The Isle of Skye has vast stretches of unpolluted skies so it is the best in the UK to catch a glimpse of the Northern lights. They tend to be the most visible between October and March and are the most beautiful streams of light that appear as white colour.

To view the Northern lights in its full glory then the best place to visit is Reykjavik in Iceland. Iceland has the correct amount of latitude for the northern lights to be visible almost all year round. As well as the northern lights Iceland offers ice caves, glaciers, and volcanoes.

So there you have it; a host of festive breaks you can enjoy right here in the UK. Whether it’s Llangollen or London, there are a variety of winter getaways you can enjoy closer to home than what you might think.

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