Exploring The Glass House Mountains With Berghaus

February 21, 2018

North of Brisbane, inland from the Sunshine Coast slightly, lies a group of thirteen curious peaks that rise suddenly from the coastal plain. They are not the tallest by any means- Mount Beerwah, the highest, stands at only 556m above sea level- but their impressive forms dominate the skyline. The volcanic peaks of the National Park offer some great walking, scrambling and climbing options, and it’s only 30km from the ocean. So, when Berghaus invited us to share our Valentines weekend adventures, it was the perfect place to go. Getting outside and exploring is by far the best date anyway, and we strongly advocate more couples getting out there together.

Sunset from Ngungun

We arrived at the National park in the early evening, just as the sun had begun to dip in the sky. Driving towards Mount Tibrogargen, it’s western face was bathed in warm, orange light. But with the clock against us, we turned around and headed for the much lower Ngungun to watch the sunset over this unique landscape. We raced the short km to the summit just in time to see Mount Coonowrin stand in front of Mount Beerwah as the sun graced the skyline with a thousand shades of orange and red. It was the perfect end to our first short day in the mountains.

“Keep close to Nature’s heart… and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.

-John Muir-

Climbing Mount Beerwah

The following morning, after a terrible night’s sleep in a highway rest area in our van (romantic, I know), we rose to watch the sunrise. Whilst we didn’t quite see the sun come up, we enjoyed our breakfast from a lookout point before heading to Mount Beerwah for the morning climb. We scrambled up the slippery face in the heat of the early morning sun to the ridge line which we followed to the summit. The trachyte face was hot to touch and the exposed face offered little shade.  After quickly taking some pictures, we headed down out of the intensifying heat of the mid-day sun.

Once in the shade of the bush below, we took a moment to sit and brew a fresh coffee. Moments like this is what Valentines Day should be about; not fancy meals and lavish gifts, just spending time doing what you love with the person that makes you smile.

Spending the weekend exploring a completely new part of the world together was a great way to spend Valentines. Next time you’re planning a date, why not opt for an adventure date?


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