Elephant Falls, Dalat

January 19, 2017

 Elephant waterfall is located about 30km south west of Dalat and is the perfect day trip for anyone looking to explore a little further afield than the city. The journey through the mountains is spectacular, hence why many Easy-rider tours travel to the falls from Dalat. Winding mountain passes through the flower filled greenhouses that make up much of the surrounding landscape brings you to a small village. The villagers have grown wise to the tourist trade and the local opportunists will pounce on lingering foreigners.


A common scam experienced at natural attractions in Vietnam is the admission charge. Elephant falls is no different. An enterprising young man stood firmly at the gateway down to the falls handing out lottery tickets in exchange for cold, hard cash (approx. 25 pence). You could argue the toss, or simply agree to pay the fee and continue with your day.

This guy definitely didn’t care.


The path down to the falls is a slightly precarious one; unearthed roots and loose rocks make some of the footing a little sketchy in places. However, a guy who had fallen off his motorbike and broken his wrist and sprained his ankle made it down, albeit with a little help.

When you get to the bottom, the sheer scale and power of the waterfall can really be felt. Standing behind the cascading water as it plummets down to the pool below, you can experience a natural shower like no other.



Moving further away from the waterfall allows you to appreciate the size of the waterfall, and the volume of water that tumbles down.


It’s a nice spot to spend a couple of hours hopping from one rock to the next, getting close enough to the water to feel the spray.


Jay certainly enjoyed it!

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