El barrio Gotico

April 30, 2013

El Gotico, my former home. One of the most beautiful parts of Barcelona that originated as the Roman village of the city. Surrounding the few remaining Roman buildings is, as you would guess by the name, gothic architecture. There is however doubt to the legitimacy of some of the buildings.

Below is the street on which I lived during my time in Barcelona; Carrer de Carabassa. It is a typically beautiful Gothic street with cobbles and Gothic shaped windows etc.


The narrow, complex network of streets can take some time to get used to so don’t worry if you get lost.. just enjoy it. You will undoubtedly stumble upon the Catedral, another of Gaudi’s creations.

By night El Gotico is lively to say the least with more bars than you can actually handle. I can vouch for that. I reckon that within a 30m radius of my flat there must be 40 bars! Be sure to check out Placa Reial, however don’t get dragged in by the tourist traps. Instead venture towards Placa George Orwell, a square named after the famous English novelist which is ironically centered on a monument that resembles the cell form of TB, the very illness of which Orwell died.


On carrer de Cordols there are two of my favourite bars; Mariatchi, the bar of Manu chau and Polaroid, an interestingly decorated bar with a good vibe. Carrer avinyo also has a number of good bars which are worth checking out. Once you reach carrer Ample at the bottom of Avinyo there are a few good bars also; sweet rebel reggae bar and the popular irish bar, Ryans. For cheap drinks and an international crowd, this is the place to go.


The only down sides to El Gotico is the number of ‘guiris’ (tourists), and the uncleanliness. The amount of people that visit this district brings with it a lot of litter and with the law on weeing in the street being fairly relaxed, the smell of urine at times…

To visit and to go out at night it is lovely but if you ever get the chance to live in Barcelona, think twice about living in El Gotico.

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