3 Road Trip Ideas For Exploring The UK

August 15, 2018
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There are a lot of reasons to visit the UK. But one unique thing about it is that for the most part, it’s drivable. You can get around much of the nation in a matter of hours, which means the idea of a road trip takes on a different meaning. Rather than being an extended trip from one destination to another, it becomes a series of shorter trips that can show you the entire country and take you to countless destinations and attractions.

See The Natural Beauty

The UK is full of gorgeous areas of outstanding natural beauty. From the rolling hills and gritstone of the Peak District to the dramatic mountains of Wales, nature is shown off in full force all across the nation.  You could drive along the stunning Welsh Coastline and visit quaint coastal areas such as Anglesey followed by climbing a mountain in Snowdonia. From here you can drive a couple of hours north into the Peak District to experience some of the UK’s best climbing.  Driving around is a nice way to explore the whole country and its most stunning regions.

Tour The Premier League

There might not be anything quite as deeply ingrained in British culture as local football. There are top-flight teams dotted all around England, complete with historic stadiums and extremely passionate fan bases. Unlike the nature tour, this road trip will take you through all of England’s biggest and best cities, and can show you venues like Emirates Stadium in London,  Anfield in Liverpool, Old Trafford in Manchester, and St. James’ Park in Newcastle.

Explore The Castles

Nothing quite beats a castle tour of the UK. Thanks to its fascinating medieval history and constant preservation efforts, the nation is still packed with ancient castles that now seem like something out of a fairy tale. While some of them are in clusters, the best castles are really spread out around the UK – which actually makes them ideal subjects for a thorough road trip. It will require a little bit of time and research to choose the castles you want to see and plan your actual driving routes, but it can certainly be done, and make for an unforgettable experience.

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