Turning Photos into Beautiful Prints

September 20, 2017


Capturing a moment in time is the art of photography. To be able to look back on that exact instance and remember vividly the feelings that the moment evoked; the people with which you spent that special moment. The nostalgia associated with a physical photograph can’t be compared to a digital image- to be able to hold the print in your hand. Staring at an LCD screen doesn’t have the same effect.

That’s why we shoot film as much as possible. Not only does it enhance the photographic process, but the results are far superior. Each image is carefully considered so as not to waste a precious exposure. The composition takes longer, as does the manual set up.

Digital photography has countless advantages over analogue. But there’s something about a grainy photo shot on film that is far more pleasing than the sharpest digital image.

Even if you only shoot digital, why not try printing some of your images to enjoy in a physical form, rather than through a brightly lit screen?

But there’s something about a grainy photo shot on film that is far more pleasing than the sharpest digital image.

Choose your images

Picking which images to print can be a difficult process. Do you want to print an image that reminds you of a special time in your life? Is it an image that you’re immensely proud of? Or do you simply think the image would look good on the wall?

There is no right or wrong in this case. Select the image you want to print and go with it. Be sure that the image is in focus, not over/under exposed and is a large enough file size for your print.

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Select your printing method

Once you’ve chosen your images to print you need to decide whether to have them printed by professionals or invest in a high quality printer at home. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, it just depends on how often you will be printing, how many prints you will be printing, and the desired quality.

If you decide to have your prints done professionally, you can expect to pay a premium for the service. Price depends on the size, paper stock and finish.

Printing at home is more convenient for smaller jobs and if you want to print regularly. But choosing one can be difficult as there are so many. This article provides handy guidelines to find the best photo printers on the market at the best price, from the high-end Canon Pixma that can print up to A3 format to the HP Envy that is ideal for occasional prints. Don’t worry about the ink price, as you can find offers online for Canon Pixma ink cartridges or HP envy cartridges. 

Frame your prints

Once you’ve printed your image you can select a frame which will make your image stand out. A simple black frame can really make your image pop against a white mount. However, there are all kinds of frames for every individual preference. It’s just about finding which one works for you. 

*Collaborative post

The images in this post have all been taken on 35mm film in different locations around the world. We will be doing a limited edition run of each of these images for sale in the coming months. To enquire about purchasing a print, please get in touch!

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