Dinorwic: A Photo Essay

December 21, 2017
  Words and photography by Joe Wilkins 

Dinorwic Quarry once employed three thousand men and produced 100,000 tonnes of slate each year, in 1969 the quarry closed leaving a seven hundred acre hole in the southern slopes of Elidir Fawr. Now the quarry is left to decay, slowly being battered by the elements and crumbling ever further into ruin. It’s many galleries, tunnels and pits make it a haven for anyone that ventures to explore its secrets and an intimidating and humbling location for an autumn wild camp.

About Joe Wilkins

Joe Wilkins is a landscape and adventure photographer living and working in Sheffield with a passion for analogue techniques and working mostly with medium format film. He produces work that explores the relationship between humans and the land we occupy; photographing all aspects of land from industrial environments to remote natural spaces. His love for the outdoors continues to lead him out into the wild places to capture and share his experiences.

To see more of Joe’s work visit one of the following:

w: www.joe-wilkins.co.uk

i: @joewilkinsphoto

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