Finding Peace in the Woods: A Photo Essay

October 23, 2017
Eco- lodge in the woods in Canada

Photography by Jacalyn Beales

Jacalyn Beales is a content creator and photographer from Ontario, Canada. Having lived, camped and travelled in several different regions- both in Canada and around the world- Jacalyn took a keen interest in discovering hidden places closer to home. She spends her weekends staying in eco-cabins, yurts and campgrounds in the wilderness of eastern Canada where she can hike, canoe and generally just spend time outdoors.

The below series of images were taken at an eco-cabin in the Mono Hills just off the Bruce Trail, North of Toronto. Jacalyn’s images show the natural beauty of this simple shelter nestled seamlessly into the woodland, and demonstrate the importance of slowing down and just being present in nature.

Eco-lodge in the woods in Canada


You can view more of Jacalyn’s work on her website or Instagram.


If you have a series of photos or a tale of adventure you’d like to share, get in touch!

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