Bingin Beach, Bali

February 20, 2017

When you speak to anyone about visiting Bali, the first place that gets brought up in to conversation is, almost always, Bingin Beach. “You have to go to Bingin Beach”, “Where did you stay on Bingin?”

The reputation that proceeds this little piece of paradise is, if not slightly overhyped, well deserved.

On the South West of the island, just north of Uluwatu on the Bukit Peninsula, Bingin Beach has been a firm favourite with surfers, travellers and bohemians looking to escape the monotony of real life for years. To say the pace of life on Bingin is slow would be a colossal understatement, and it’s easy to see how some never leave.

Where to stay on Bingin Beach

The steep, rugged cliff side that leads down to the beach is populated with a variety of hotels, guest houses and beach huts, all varying in terms of what is on offer. There are luxury hotels, boasting every amenity you could think of, standard guest houses, and basic beach huts with little more than a bed and a toilet.

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Depending on your budget and the type of trip, there are accommodation options to suit all. Generally speaking, the closer you get to the sea, the more basic the accommodation becomes.

Kelly’s is a popular choice thanks to the name it has made for itself over the years.

I chose to stay at Sally’s Beach House/Warung, right on the waters edge at the far right of the beach if you are looking at the sea. The proximity to the sea, and the price (£5 per night per room) was the best available at the time – some places shut during the rainy season.

You can’t argue with £5 per night for a 4 poster bed with a sea view though, can you?


Yes, the lack of air-con meant that the nights were warm. But being able to jump up in the morning and walk straight in to the sea, you won’t dwell on it too long. 

What to do on Bingin Beach


This peninsula is famous all over the world for its peeling barrels created by the super shallow reef. The same shallow reef is also responsible for numerous lacerations to many a novice surfer’s body (that’s me).

A number of the guest houses rent boards by the hour or the day, or alternatively you could book on to surf classes at one of the surf clubs.

If surfing isn’t your thing, or there’s no swell, there’s nothing better than relaxing on the beach, dropping by one of the beach bars for an ice cold Bintang and whiling the day away. Days seem to merge in to one another and it’s very, very easy to lose track of what day it is.

Bingin makes a great base to explore from too. The surrounding beaches and coves are all gorgeous; Dreamland, Padang Padang, Suluban.. They’re all stunning. Rent a motorbike and visit them all!


What to eat on Bingin Beach

There are a handful of eateries on Bingin beach worth checking out. Kelly’s serves a great breakfast; smoothies, fruit bowls, pancakes, even a cooked breakfast. The price is slightly higher than other establishments but the free wifi and nice surroundings makes it worth it.

As the sun begins to set, the BBQs are fired up and the tables are laid out under the stars. Lucky Fish is my personal favourite, though there are a few others. A selection of the days catch is put out for selection. Personal favourite was a very meaty white fish, Mahi Mahi.



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