Uneek camp shoes from Keen

September 7, 2017
Review of the Keen Uneek sandals

When you first see these shoes/sandals, there’s no denying that you’ll be slightly taken aback. Described by one of the designers at Keen as a ‘complete love or hate shoe’ the Uneek model is certainly, well, unique. Constructed from 2 lengths of cord, these daringly different sandals are available in several different colours and are available for both men and women.

We first saw our good friend, Oliver Hooson, wearing the sandals and we instantly liked them. When worn with socks (yes) they look like a woven trainer which can be worn casually with trousers to keep your feet cool during the summer months, or without socks like a traditional sandal.

So when Keen sent us a pair to try out, we couldn’t wait to put them to the test.  It’s fair to say that the sandals have caused polarising opinions. Some people really like them, some just don’t get them. Standing firm, we think they’re great.


A stretchy cord upper makes the sandals incredibly comfortable, unlike other sandals we’ve worn. The midsole is constructed from EVA and provides ample cushioning for a full day of wear and despite not having much visible grip, they are perfect for messing around on any terrain. Elasticated bungee lace used to tighten the shoes means that they can be loosened off or tightened quickly, depending on what you’re doing.

Ultimate camp shoe

On camping trips, we always take camp shoes to wear at night. Taking your boots/cycling shoes off after a long day is a luxury. Consequently, we’ve replaced our tatty old flip-flops as camp shoes and strap the Keen sandals to the outside of our bag on every trip now. They’re light enough to warrant carrying to camp just to let your feet breathe during the evening.


Lightweight, comfortable and eye-catchingly unique (Uneek), the Keen sandals have been a staple piece of footwear all summer. Being so versatile and comfortable makes them the perfect adventure footwear for around camp and even wearing casually with socks. Yes, socks and sandals are cool.

See the full range of Keen Uneek shoes here.


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