Stay Fresh With Finisterre Merino Base Layers

April 3, 2018

Washing clothes on the road can be a pain. You may not have access to clean water for a few days or just not have time to dedicate to laundry. After all, there’s much more fun to be had than washing clothes. So, it’s handy to have a few items which will endure a few days of wear without smelling like it. That’s where merino wool comes in.

Why Merino?

It’s no secret that merino wool is the perfect fabric for adventure. Warm, lightweight, breathable and anti-bacterial, merino has been the base layer of choice in mountain sports for years. But it’s not just in extreme alpine conditions that merino excels, you can also wear it in the heat to good effect thanks to its wicking capabilities. And being so lightweight, it’s the perfect choice for travel when you want to reduce the weight of your pack.

Finisterre’s all-natural blend

Despite the obvious benefits listed above, merino wool can lose its shape and pull when washed. Since 2009, Finisterre has invested heavily in developing their own, manmade free blend which maintains all of the benefits of merino but fits better and lasts longer. The unique blend uses Tercel, a fibre made from eucalyptus and wood pulp. This all natural blend means that all of Finisterre’s merino products are 100% sustainable, renewable and biodegradable. Winner.

Sustainability is key

Since their inception, Finisterre has aspired to be a responsible and sustainable company. The wool used in their merino products is sourced from muelsing free sheep in New Zealand. Through the brand’s dedication to sustainable business and caring for the planet, they have recently been awarded ‘B-Corp’ status which acknowledges their ethical business practice amongst other criteria.

On the road

I’ve been wearing the Argo Boxers and short sleeve t-shirt for the past few months now. Both items are super soft and comfortable to wear, and unlike other merino bits I’ve worn in the past, they fit great! One of the main benefits of merino is being able to wear the same t-shirt and boxers for a couple of days on a camping trip without feeling disgusting. This doesn’t mean you should wear the same boxers for days on end, but it’s nice to be able to when carrying extra clothes isn’t an option.

Even in the heat of Australian summer, I’ve worn the Argo t-shirt and stayed relatively cool. Unlike synthetic materials which may wick sweat away, the merino shirt doesn’t stink the following day. And when you do eventually get around to washing the shirt, it dries quickly and returns to its original shape.

Overall, merino wool is the ideal material whilst on the road. It’s warm, breathable, comfortable and anti-bacterial. The Finisterre range is no different and even combines other natural, sustainable materials to make the items more practical and look good. It’s nice to know that the materials used to produce the clothes you wear have been sourced sustainably and the animals have been well cared for too.

So, before you go on your next trip, have a think about the clothes you’re taking with you and consider investing in some merino.

* Disclaimer: Wearing merino wool doesn’t stop you from smelling completely. Take a shower occasionally.

You can view the Argo range as well as the rest of Finisterre’s merino base layers here. 

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