Sealskinz Fusion Control: A Revolution in Waterproof?

October 26, 2020


A very exciting package arrived in the post last week from our friends at Sealskinz who have developed a brand new glove, just in time for winter. If like us, you spend a lot of time outdoors during the colder months, you’ll know just how important a decent pair of gloves is and you should be excited too.

What’s new?

For many years, Sealskinz have been making awesome gloves. I remember my first pair over 5 years ago and even then I was hugely impressed – these ones were the neoprene liner gloves that stayed incredibly warm even when soaked through. Since then I’ve had a few different pairs which I’ve used across cycling, hiking, and skiing.

But the new Sealskinz-Fusion-Control Fusion Control™ gloves that arrived last week have really got us excited. So, what is Sealskinz-Fusion-Control Fusion Control™?

Sealskinz-Fusion-Control Fusion Control™ is a new way of bonding the three layers that make up the gloves. The first layer (inner) is made from either merino wool or Coolmax designed for maximum comfort and temperature regulation. The second layer is made up of a unique hydrophilic membrane which stops any moisture from getting in, whilst at the same time wicking moisture away from the skin. Finally, the outer layer is durable and hardwearing to cope with the demands of an outdoor glove, in this case made from leather.


Why is it so exciting?

Multi-layer gloves aren’t a new thing. There have been many, many gloves that feature a merino inner, waterproof layer and leather outer on the market. However, the way in which the Fusion Control technology bonds the layers is new.

Have you ever pulled your hot, sweaty hand out of a glove and pulled the liner with it? Only to struggle later on to push each individual finger back into it’s respective hole. If you answered yes, you’ll know how infuriating it is. With the newly bonded layer system, there’s zero risk of pulling the liner out. That, for me, is enough.

What are they like to wear?

The new gloves feel amazing to wear straight away. The fit is tight, yet not restrictive which gives you maximum finger dexterity – perfect for changing camera settings, fiddling with ski bindings on a changeover, using your phone (touchscreen compatible). Not only are your fingers free to carry out whatever task is at hand but they look great doing it. The sleek design incorporates high-quality goatskin leather and the gloves close with a velcro strap at the wrist.

On the few occasions we’ve tested the gloves it’s been cold and wet – perfect conditions to test the gloves. Each time, we’ve been impressed by how warm and waterproof they are, perfect for winter cycling.

So, if you’re looking for a new winter glove that is waterproof, windproof, and slim enough to allow you to use your fingers, this new model from Sealskinz should be top of your list.

Find out more about these awesome new gloves here.


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