What Does The Perfect Autumn Jacket Look Like?

March 26, 2019

Finding a jacket that keeps you dry, keeps you warm – but not too warm, and looks good can be a tall order. There’s plenty of jackets out there that tick one of these boxes. But not too many that fulfill all of them. When Autumn rolls around with its characteristically unpredictable weather, golden rustling leaves and intense sunsets, you’ll need to find that perfect outer layer. Not quite cold enough to break out the big puffy, but chilly enough that you need something. It’s a balancing act.

So when Craghoppers sent over the NosiLife Forrester Jacket to try out, we thought they might have nailed the autumn jacket. Waterproof? check. Lightweight? check. Looks good? check.

Techy specs

First, let’s look at the tech used in the jacket. Like a lot of Craghoppers’ recent collections, they’ve used NosiLife fabric which claims to repel insects for the duration of its lifetime. As well as being (supposedly) insect repellent, the jacket uses AquaDry tech to keep you dry. Not quite Gore-tex, you wouldn’t trust the waterproofing in a downpour but for occasional autumnal showers, it’ll do the trick.

Timeless design

The most important thing I look for in a jacket is the design. Will it stand the test of time? Will it look good next year or is it just a fad? In this particular colourway, Parchment, the jacket is a far cry from the yellow or red jackets that saturate the ‘gram. The subtle, stone colour is understated and classic, and wouldn’t look out of place worn as a smart-casual jacket, or venturing out for a hike.

Wrap up, get out

Autumn is arguably one of the most beautiful seasons, as the sun dips lower in the sky, casting lovely long shadows, and the leaves turn from yellow to orange and red. No matter what the weather forecast says, it’s always worth going outside. Even if you just go down to the lake to skim some stones, it’s always worth it.

Just remember to grab your jacket.

Shop the collection here.


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