Hang Out With Ghost Outdoors This Summer

August 17, 2018

We’ve often wondered: “What is the ultimate camping accessory?” Having camped out for a long time and spent extended periods living in vans and cars, we’ve got a fair amount of experience in the field. But it wasn’t until Ghost Outdoors sent out one of their hammocks that we realised what we’d been missing all this time. How the hell have we gone so long without?

Who are Ghost Outdoors?

Ghost Outdoors make cool, functional camping gear, inspired by their Western Australian home, for the discerning weekend adventurer. Their range of bags, rugs and camping apparel are designed to look good but also withstand a life outdoors.

In their own words:

“Inspired by the Australian palette, landscape and attitude, our products are like our people—simple, practical and don’t take themselves too seriously. It’s Australian design, mate!


The Carry On Hammock is a perfect example of Ghost Outdoors’ ethos- simple design, quality materials and ultimate comfort. It’s small enough to throw into your day bag for a trip to the beach or to go hiking and it weighs next to nothing (520g for the kilo-counters). The parachute nylon is super strong and soft to the touch, perfect for an afternoon snooze wherever you may be.

If like us, you have a tendency to lose stuff sacks and bags, you’ll be happy to know that the hammock stuffs into the attached stuff sack which is sewn onto the centre side. When packed away the hammock, climbing rope and carabiners squash down to the size of a Jetboil and can be strapped onto the side of your bag or stuffed in the bottom. And when the hammock is unpacked, the handy pouch is perfect for holding your beer- a prime example of great design!

Perfect roadie companion

When we were on the road in Australia, we often pulled over to break up the long journeys and relax for a couple of hours. We don’t need to tell you how vast the country is but when you’ve been driving for 8 hours along a seemingly never-ending freeway, pulling over to find some respite in the trees is the dream. In the van, we didn’t even need to find two perfectly-spaced trees as we could string one side of the hammock up the van!

It’s all in the detail

As well as making the hammock super comfy and packable, Ghost Outdoors have put an awful lot of effort into the details. From the branded carabiners that tie the hammock between your chosen trees to the embroidered badge on the stuff sack and the well-designed packaging, the guys have smashed it.

So next time you’re packing for a weekend adventure, or dare we say it a trip around the world, make sure you’ve got your super-lightweight hammock handy for those anytime/anywhere chills.


You can find out more about Ghost Outdoors and where to buy here. 


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    Would you still recommend this product after more use? Comfortable etc?

    • Reply admin January 16, 2019 at 6:27 pm

      Yeah, for sure! It’s really comfortable and packs down so small, perfect for travel!

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