Gear Review: Alpkit Brukit Wolf

February 17, 2018

There are so many options for camp stoves. From JetBoil to MSR pocket burner, and everything in between there is a stove out there for every occasion, and every budget. If you’re looking for an integrated stove system which is functional and affordable, the Alpkit Brukit could be just what you’re looking for.

About Alpkit

Alpkit is a British brand based in [edit] Nottinghamshire, where they produce a wide range of outdoor gear. From cycling apparel to walking poles, Alpkit does it all. Being a British brand is one of the reasons that we decided to go with the Brukit in the first place as we firmly believe in supporting homegrown brands.

Steaming hot coffee

Brukit Wolf

When you first look at the Brukit Wolf you could easily mistake it for a large Jet Boil. Consisting of an aluminium burner, 1300ml pot and a plastic lid, the components are essentially the same. Where the Brukit Wolf differs though is the price: you’d be lucky to find a Jet Boil for under £100, whereas the Brukit doesn’t even cost half that.

For a stove at that price point, the Brukit has good build quality. It features a piezo electric ignition and a heat shield which improves efficiency, reducing heat loss and speeding up your boil time.


The larger pot of the Brukit Wolf will fit 1300ml of water compared to 1l of the smaller Appkit stove, Brukit Jackal. The larger pot allows you to boil slightly more water -perfect for two people, however, the extra size of the pot might be something to consider if you’ve got limited space in your pack. Although it’s still small enough to throw into your daysack or overnight bag without being too cumbersome.


Much like its direct competitors, the Alpkit stove comes with a heat resistant cosy which allows you to pick the pot up. The Brukit Wolf comes with a dark grey sleeve as standard which looks smart. Again, like other stoves on the market the Brukit has a plastic lid with a pouring spout and steam ventilation, however, the plastic lid of the Brukit is much more malleable, allowing you to secure it on the pot easily.

One advantage the Brukit has which the others are lacking is a skillet attachment which allows you to use a foreign pot with the stove system. Simply pop the foldable attachment onto the top of the burner and you can use any pan to cook on. To buy the equivalent accessory for the Jet Boil and MSR Winrdburner would cost as much as £50!


With all things considered, if you’re looking for an integrated stove system but don’t want to shell out £100, the Brukit Wolf is the perfect solution. Compact, lightweight and British [edit: made in Chine], we think the Brukit Wolf is fantastic.

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  • Reply Michael February 23, 2018 at 1:48 pm

    Really nice photography and good review on the whole. A couple of factually wrong bits though; Alpkit are based in Nottinghamshire, near the Peak District, not very near the Lake District.

    Secondly, casually describing it as ‘Made in Britain’ when anyone looking at the listing on the Alpkit website can see ‘Origin: China’ is lazy and devalues the efforts which some go to to manufacture locally. For the record, I completely understand why Alpkit chose to source a product like this from China and they are clear about its origin.

    • Reply admin March 6, 2018 at 11:15 pm

      Hi Micheal, thanks so much for taking the time to comment, we’ve now amended the post in response.

      Thanks for reading!

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