In Focus: Chrome Industries Modal Vale Sling

April 4, 2020

The Vale Sling by Chrome Industries is a handy-sized sling bag inspired by bike messengers, perfect for city commuting or general day-to-day wear. Featuring a padded laptop sleeve, the Vale sling can carry a 13″ Macbook pro, some smaller items and your camera whilst still being small enough to go about your day.

About Chrome Industries

Chrome Industries first started making bags in Colorado in the mid-nineties and soon after gained a reputation for durable, good quality bags favoured by bike messengers throughout the US. Their first bags used old seat belts from scrap cars as they didn’t have the funds to buy new fasteners that would support the weight of a full messenger bag. This utilitarian approach to design has been at the heart of the business ever since and is the reason why so many bike messengers still use the bags to this day.

I recently used the bag on a trip to Japan, not for cycling, unfortunately, but for exploring Kyoto and Tokyo with a minimal camera set up. Normally I would carry a much bigger bag, but for days in the city, it was really nice to only carry one lens and a small bag. The over-shoulder strap is fairly comfortable, and the underarm strap keeps the bag from swinging around too much which would be super useful when riding.

What’s good?

One of my favourite things about the over-shoulder design is how quick and easy it was to access my camera. Rather than taking the bag off, I could loosen the strap and swing it round to the front to quickly access my camera. Also, having a padded sleeve for a laptop means you don’t have to think twice about taking it with you. I found that the Vale Sling was ideal to carry my laptop, charger, hard drives and note pad when I was heading to a cafe to work. Finally, two zipped pockets on the outside are useful for keeping smaller items.

What’s not?

Overall, nothing. For a super-light pack, the Vale Sling is ideal and I’m sure it will be great for riding when I eventually get back on my bike. Personally, I usually carry a bit more than the 14l sized pack can hold, so it might be a struggle to fit everything in!



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Additional photography by Ben Richards


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