Five Reasons You Should Own The Rab Flashpoint II

February 1, 2019

It’s no secret – we love gear. It doesn’t matter what it is; if it’s made for outdoor use and uses good design, we’re there. With that being said, one of the most important pieces of gear you should own is a waterproof shell, even during the spring and summer. During the warmer months, you won’t want to carry, let alone wear a heavy-duty Gore-tex pro shell though. This is where the Flashpoint II from Rab comes in.

Rab describes the Flashpoint II as “a super lightweight waterproof jacket, offering protection from the elements when the weather is changeable and weight is at a premium.

I’ve had the Flashpoimt II for 6 months now. Rather than write a review when I received it, I decided to wear it through the Winter, into Spring and more recently Summer. Below I’ve outlined five reasons why you need this jacket in your wardrobe:

It’s Super Lightweight

Weighing in at only 185g, the Flashpoint II is super lightweight. When wearing the jacket you hardly notice it’s on, and even less so when carrying it. Rab has managed to make the jacket so light by using 3L Pertex Sheild fabric which isn’t just lightweight, but waterproof and windproof too.

For bikepacking, ski touring and climbing missions when keeping weight to a minimum, the Flashpoint II is perfect.

It’s Packable

One of the major drawbacks to taking a pro shell on big mountain days is that they tend to be pretty bulky. Not a problem when the weather dictates that you should wear the jacket, but inconvenient when you want to take your jacket off and pack it away.

The Rab Flashpoint II, however, packs down into its own tiny little stuff sack which is the size of a tennis ball. Simply stuff the jacket into the tiny little bag and you can clip it to the outside of your rucksack, onto your bikepacking bags or even on to your harness.

It’s Breathable

Unlike a lot of lightweight shells we’ve tested in the past, the Rab Flashpoint II doesn’t feel like you’re wearing a plastic bin bag when you exert some effort. Sure, it’s not perfect and I have found I get quite sweaty if I wear the jacket when exercising for any prolonged period of time, but it’s pretty good. Being so lightweight, the jacket airs out quickly too if you do overheat.

The Hood is Helmet Compatible

Whether you’re using the jacket for climbing, biking or climbing, you can easily put the hood up over your helmet – particularly useful when the wind and rain arrives. Adjustable toggles at the front and the back of the hood makes adjusting the hood to fit your helmet easier, especially useful in high winds.

rab flashpoint helmet compatible

It looks great

The Flashpoint II comes in two colours; dark blue and white. For me, white wasn’t an option as I always ruin white clothes. The blue option, however, is a good looking jacket with subtle yellow detailing on the arm and pocket. I found the fit of the jacket to be slim meaning it doesn’t get in the way when climbing or running.


My only concern about the Flashpoint 2 is that it could rip quite easily being so thin and lightweight. However, Rab say that the Pertex fabric is strong and durable and I’ve used the jacket heavily for the last 6 months skiing, climbing, biking and running without any issues.

All in all, the Rab Flashpoint Jacket is a must for fast and light missions. Find out more and order yours here.




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Thanks to Rab for sending the jacket over to New Zealand for us to try out! 

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