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September 5, 2017

Spending any prolonged amount of time outdoors requires a few pieces of essential kit. A good torch is high up on the list of must-haves. LedLenser are market leaders in handheld and head torches, supplying emergency services and professionals around the world.

The MT10 handheld torch is one of the latest releases from LedLenser and generally ticks all the boxes for an outdoor adventurer in the market for a compact yet powerful torch.  

Led Lenser MT10 Spec

  • 1000 lumens
  • 144 hours of light (in low power mode)
  • 180m range

For camping or bikepacking trips, when space and weight saving are key, the LedLenser MT10 is a great choice. Only 128mm long, the torch fits into trouser pockets comfortably or into the top pocket of a rucksack. The torch weighs 156g but feels extremely solid in its brushed aluminium casing and comes with a nice case. 

The power outage and compact size are a real bonus, as is the rechargeable battery. Not having to carry spare batteries and being able to recharge the torch from a power bank is a great feature, as well as being environmentally friendly.



Being able to change the focal length of the beam from long range (180m) to wide is a really useful feature. You can illuminate the area closest to you or hone in on a spot in the distance if you need to.

led lenser mt10 torch camping

To find out more about the LedLenser MT10 and the rest of the outdoor range, visit http://www.ledlenser.com/uk


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