Gear Review: 1000 mile socks  

June 16, 2017

A bold claim – 1000 miles from a pair of socks. I’ve never really thought about how many miles I’d get out of a pair of socks, until now.

It goes without saying that the body part that needs best looking after when hiking or trail running is your feet. Uncomfortable feet rapidly equals an unhappy person. Choosing the correct footwear, then, is imperative – both boots/trainers and socks. There’s no point wearing top end boots with low grade socks as you’ll soon end up with blisters!

A good pair of socks can be the difference between a good, and a downright miserable day in the mountains- hours of unnecessary rubbing and discomfort, no matter how comfortable your boots are.

When a pair of 1000 mile two season socks arrived, I was interested to try them out.

IMG_5854 (1)

A lightweight technical sock that, hence the name, guarantees 1000 miles without blisters or wear out. Much lighter weight than the Bridgedale merino socks that I have traditionally worn, the 1000 miles socks are made from COOLMAX® fabric which actively wicks sweat away from the skin and enhances air flow. Added support in the arch of the foot, the heel and the ankle make these socks some of the most comfortable I’ve worn.

IMG_5852 (1)

I’ve worn them on multiple occasions now, both walking and running, and I’m really impressed. The cushioning on the instep is particularly good as I suffer from dropped arches, and the ventilation is noticeably better than other heavier socks.


Overall, I’m really impressed with the 1000 mile two season socks. Comfortable and breathable with extra support in all the right places, I’ll be making good use of these socks over the summer months. We’ll have to wait and see about the 1000 miles though…

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