The Top 6 Advantages of Riding a Tricycle

September 23, 2020

Tricycles are growing in popularity all over the world, their ease of use and accessibility to all is a huge selling point to many.

Tricycles date back to as early as the 1600s, when the first tricycle was made to help Stephan Farffler, a paraplegic, get to and from work with ease. They were also great for carrying heavy loads when transporting goods to and from different locations. 

These benefits still stand today, but with tricycles improving and growing in popularity over time, their benefits have also got more appealing. Below are six of the top advantages of riding a tricycle:   



They are accessible to a wider range of people

This is probably the biggest benefit of a tricycle; they are accessible to so many more people than the standard bike. Tricycles have three big sturdy wheels that make them easy to balance on, this makes it easier for a wider range of people to ride, such as older people, those with disabilities or those who simply don’t feel confident on a two-wheeler.

Jorvik Tricycles have a range of different tricycles available, including the Jorvik Electric Tricycles designed for long commutes and the folding travel trikes for the more petite rider. 


They are stable and safe

With being significantly more stable than a standard bicycle, tricycles are much easier to ride. Also, being lower to the floor means that whilst climbing up hill, riders don’t need to keep the same forward leaning motion to gather momentum. Rather, just lower the gear and climb with ease. 

They also provide great comfort when riding, which makes cycling a much smoother and enjoyable experience. There are a range of different seating options too, one of the most popular options in recent years being the recumbent trike.


They can carry all your cargo

Tricycles are great for when you have a lot to carry! The most common situations when tricycles come in handy are when you have been to the shops and have lots of carrier bags, or when you’re riding to and from work and need somewhere to pop your bags safely.

Tricycles usually have a small basked fitted to the front, or a cargo bag to the rear. However, if this is still not enough space, trike trailers are a great accessories to hold extra load. 


They provide greater visibility

Tricycles are lot more noticeable than a normal bike, they are not as common as a normal bicycle, so you’re likely to get noticed more when riding one. This a positive for the tricycle rider, as it means they are more visible to traffic when on the roads.


They can improve your social life

This is particularly important for older people or people with mobility issues who may feel restricted in where they can go and when. A tricycle is great for getting around, whether it’s short distance or long distance, whether you’re just popping to the shop or meeting your friends at the café, it gives an individual so much more freedom. 
There is also a large tricycle community in the UK, and there are many tricycle social media groups ready to be joined. These groups are great to get to know people with a similar interest in tricycles, or for finding out the best tricycle routes in your area. They also provide a sense of belonging to those who may not see their friends or family that often.


They can reduce stress levels

Like a lot of exercise outlets, trikes are a great way of reducing stress levels and promoting a calm mood instead. This is heavily related to the fact that whilst on your trike you will be out in nature, taking in the fresh air and the scenery around you. 

Nature is known to be a natural healer to fear, anxiety, stress, and anger. Not only does nature contribute to a more positive mental wellbeing, but it promotes better physical wellbeing too, such as reducing blood pressure, muscle tension and heart rate (of course though, if you are having an intense trike workout, your heart rate will be high!).


So, there you have the top six benefits of riding a tricycle. Tricycle popularity is gaining traction, and with the security in mind that they are stable and safe, and open up opportunities for freedom, what are you waiting for?



*In partnership with Jorvik Tricycles

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