Get Fit and Stay Fit During Lockdown

February 2, 2021

If the last year of lockdowns has taught us anything, it’s that we really took for granted our access to the gym and our ability to exercise as often as we wanted. For many people, this has been the kick they needed to do something about their health and fitness, and many have embarked on their own fitness journey during lockdown. Although getting fitter during a lockdown can be challenging, it’s not impossible. Let’s take a look at a few simple things you can do if you’re looking to get fitter in lockdown:

Get Your Steps In 

Going for walks is such an underrated form of exercise, and something we should be taking advantage of right now. This is especially important if you are not working at the moment or if you work a fairly sedentary job. You don’t need to walk for hours every day or go for a day-long hike – just aim to get more steps than you have been getting lately. Steadily add steps on and aim for 10,000 steps each day as your default. You’ll definitely feel much better after getting out and having some fresh air, too! 

Find A Form Of Accountability 

Is there a way you can keep yourself accountable? Perhaps you could ask somebody in your support bubble to do it with you, or maybe you could hire a PT from Expert PT to give you the advice and push you need. Most people think that you need motivation to get fitter, but the truth is, motivation is fleeting. We need to take steps for better health even when we’re not feeling motivated, and that takes accountability and dedication. 

Practice Functional Fitness 

Functional fitness is the kind of fitness that doesn’t just help us to look good; it helps us to get better at life. It can help us to become more flexible, help us to get faster, and perform daily tasks more effectively. Functional fitness includes squatting, push and pull movements, lunging, and more. Gone are the days of bulking up to look good in a t-shirt – it’s much more useful to be functionally fit and be able to use your strength! Try doing body weight exercises such as press ups, pull ups and air squats. The best thing about these movements is that you don’t need any expensive gym equipment! 

Challenge Yourself 

To make things a bit more interesting and to add a little more motivation to your training, why not join a challenge. You could joina virtual running challenge, like The Kilometre Club, for example. Each month there is a different challenge to get you out the door and keep you motivated to get running! 

Do A Little Each Day

Doing a little each day helps you to get into the habit of exercise, which is essential if you’re going to stick to it. It doesn’t matter if you do 5 minutes, as long as you do every day. You’ll be in a great position to build on your routine when lockdown is over this way. Remember to take it easy after tough sessions though – rest is just as important as work. 

Invest In A Few Pieces of Equipment 

Weights are super expensive right now, but you could still invest in equipment. Resistance bands are a great purchase, and you can do lots of exercises with them. You could even find things around the house to use, such as tins of paint, water bottles, and bricks. 

Eat Nourishing Meals

Cooking for yourself is an act of self love, so aim to eat balanced, nourishing meals that support your training routine. 

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