Whyte Bikes Wanaka Night Ride | Lighting Up The Forest

May 26, 2019

As winter closes in on the Southern Hemisphere, after-work riding becomes increasingly difficult. By the time you leave work at 5pm, the sun has already started to set and you’d be lucky to get a couple of laps in before dark. But darkness doesn’t mean the end of evening sessions! On Thursday, Whyte Bikes organized a community night ride in Sticky Forest to remind everyone that winter riding is possible. I’d never ridden at night so was excited to give it a go!

At 6.30pm, just as the last light faded over Roy’s Peak, more than 70 riders of all abilities congregated. Some riders had obviously done a lot of night riding, others were out for the first time. But one thing that everyone had in common was the froth for riding!

Once the final riders arrived, a giant train of lights climbed up into the forest to the soundtrack of a lone boombox and multiple calls of ‘YEWWWW’.

For the next two hours, a heavy crew of night riders shredded through Sticky Forest; some just cruising down the trails, others hitting the road gap and big jump line (nuts).

Finally, everyone reconvened at the carpark for beers and laughs. The mood was high and everyone was buzzing with how the night had gone. I for one will be riding at night through the winter, as I’m sure many others who attended will!

Enjoy the event video we put together for Whyte Bikes above! 

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