Tramping in Taranaki | A Short Film

April 23, 2019

Standing proud on the south-west corner of New Zealand’s North Island, Mount Taranaki is the second highest peak in the North. Its striking, conical peak rises straight out of the ocean, dominating the skyline for miles and miles. And not only is Taranaki an aesthetic and challenging mountain, but it also carries huge spiritual importance for the Mauri people.

Three years ago I climbed Taranaki. It was a gung-ho trip with little planning, no preparation, and beginners luck with the weather. This time, however, the weather didn’t look so great. So, with time against us and a storm forecast, we decided against climbing to the top and chose one of the many low lying routes in the area.

Despite time constraints and poor weather we still enjoyed the short hike to Pouakai hut via the Mangorei track. And even though we didn’t get the famous reflection shot in the tarn, it was worth the trip.


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