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February 20, 2018

Good quality materials and impeccable design are key to any product’s success. Sure, one can exist without the other but only products that combine both will truly succeed. So, when we stumbled across Banton Frameworks, the handmade eyewear company from Glasgow, we were instantly intrigued.

About Banton Frameworks

Founded by Lucy Ross and Jamie Bartlett, Banton Frameworks is a labour of love. What began as a passion for good design and manufacture (through a university project), has flourished into an established, independent brand which pays homage to the UK’s industrious heritage.

Designed well. Made well. Here

Barton Frameworks’ strapline- ‘Designed well. Made well. Here’- is simple yet well thought out, much like their frame designs. Rather than follow fleeting trends, Lucy and Jamie believe that a functional, well considered and understated design will stand the test of time. Their range of frames- both optical and sun- are sleek, minimal and timeless.

By designing and making their frames in the UK, Banton Frameworks have rejected the industry norm to manufacture overseas. Premium Italian acetate is precision machine cut in their workshop on the outskirts of Glasgow where they manufacture all their frames. The frames are then heat formed and assembled using a traditional riveting machine which was sourced from America, Jamie tells us. Once the frames have been put together they are hand polished to bring out the high gloss finish in the acetate. Each and every frame is handmade with meticulous care and attention, which is nice, right?

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Whilst it may be more expensive to fabricate the frames on home soil, it allows complete control over every stage of the process- one which Jamie and Lucy are clearly proud of. Making their frames in the UK is also reminiscent of a time gone by when the UK’s production industry was booming. There used to be thousands of frame builders in the UK but only a few remain.

In the field

I’ve been wearing the Profile sun frames in BLK for the past few months, and I love them. You can instantly feel the quality of the materials and the time and effort that has gone into making them. The frames have been a staple piece whilst travelling and they look great both in the city with a more considered outfit, as well as in the hills or on the road. 

It’s good to see that creatives, like Lucy and Jamie, are so passionate about good design and manufacturing heritage that they will shun the status quo to make good quality, long lasting products in the UK. With a new generation of conscious consumers that place more importance on build quality and sustainability, Banton Frameworks are definitely onto a winner.

Find out more about Banton Frameworks and see their range of frames here.

Additional images c/o Banton Frameworks 

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