Why Autumn is The Best Time of Year To Ride Your Bike

October 27, 2020

Autumn is possibly our favourite season to spend time outdoors. The crisp mornings, that warm and vibrant colour palette, and the low hanging sun casting beautiful light and shadows are just a few reasons why this time of year is so great to spend outside.

The same applies for riding your bike. The autumn and winter months are often thought of as ‘off months’ for many cyclists who prefer warmer weather and longer days. This needn’t be the case though and here’s why:

Beautiful crisp mornings

As days get shorter, the sun doesn’t rise until *quite* late in the morning meaning that you can enjoy all the beauty of sunrise without dragging yourself out of bed super early! On a clear autumn morning, there’s nothing better than riding your bike as the sun comes up!

Those colours

The autumn palette is a thing of beauty with its hues of red, orange and yellow. Flying through the forest on your bike, you’ll enter a kaleidoscope of autumn colours as the leaves whizz past.

Wrap up warm

There’s few better feelings than wrapping up warm when it’s cold outside. It’s almost a smug feeling that you feel comfortable even though you shouldn’t. Make sure you’ve got a good pair of winter gloves like these Sealskinz, a Buff or neck warmer, and a waterproof layer! 

Buy more kit

Wrapping up warm inevitably means you’re going to need more kit. And at this time of year, you can justify it to yourself too as it really is cold. Go on, get those winter bibs you’ve been eyeing up.

More coffee stops

Talking of justification, the colder weather makes it so much easier to stop for coffee mid-ride. Hell, stop twice or three times. Why not? It’s cold, right?

Quiet roads and trails

Compared to the summer months, trails and roads will be a lot quieter at this time of year as the fair-wether-riders sit on their turbo trainers at home. This means more space and tranquility for you, the hardy winter lover.

Get muddy

And finally, awaken your inner child and revel in the possibility of getting muddy. It was fun when you were a kid and it’s still fun now. Besides, there’s something satisfying about returning home covered in mud and jumping into a hot shower.


So, what are you waiting for?



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