Wabi Sabi | A Snowboarding Odyssey

April 2, 2020

Wabi Sabi from Charlie Wood on Vimeo.

This is the tale of two boys…

This is more than just a snowboarding film. It’s the story of two pals and their search for nirvana in the far north of Japan; it’s a story of hindrance and good fortune; it’s a tale of true adventure. This is Wabi Sabi baby.

In the Autumn of 2019, Charlie Wood and Henry Johnson hatched a plan to turn a Kei Truck into a rolling micro-abode from recycled and reclaimed materials in which they could travel through Hokkaido in search of bottomless powder and fresh lines. But during a winter which many are calling the worst in 60 years, the venture wasn’t without issues.

The build

To begin with, building a campervan from reclaimed materials on the back of a micro-truck caused a few headaches. Most of all when the boys realised that their original design was actually illegal and they would have to reduce the overall width by almost half a metre. Thankfully, Henry’s ‘anything-is-possible’ attitude and building know-how proved that this speedbump was nothing more in their story.

The trip

The big mountains of Central Hokkaido were calling out to the boys and their luck was in. On the second day of the trip, 70cm+ fell overnight. Barely able to control themselves, the boys now joined by Angus and Elliott enjoyed one of the deepest days of the winter lapping Asahi Dake ropeway until late that afternoon, Charlie took an unfortunate fall and dislocated his shoulder. With a history of shoulder problems, it was impossible to relocate on the mountain so the boys sadly drove to the nearest hospital.

Undeterred by the injury, the boys continued on an unknown path. One which would take them to the wildest, most remote corners of Hokkaido. Sure, the amount of snowboarding for the rest of the trip was less than planned but that wasn’t what the trip was about. Not really anyway.

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Videography by Charlie Wood

Build by Henry Johnson

Additional images from Henry Johnson and Elliott Waring 


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