Print is Not Dead: What We Are Reading

December 14, 2017

Digital publications are great- we (for now) are a digital-only adventure publication. And while digital has its benefits, there is nothing better than turning the pages of a freshly printed magazine. The smell of ink on paper; the feel of the paper stock between your fingers and the physical, tangible product is much more pleasing than scrolling down endlessly on a brightly lit screen.

There are hundreds of outdoor/travel magazines out there to choose from. From large publishing houses which have had titles running for years, to new independents that are breathing a breath of fresh air into the industry. Below we have compiled a list of publications that we are reading at the moment. By no means is this an exhaustive list, just what is on the coffee table at this moment in time.

Another Escape

Another Escape is a UK based adventure and travel publication produced in Bristol. Their striking design and inspiring content about all things adventure and sustainable living has set the benchmark for UK independent magazines. Volume nine (bottom) has just been released after their rebrand and it looks awesome! We haven’t managed to get hold of a copy in Sri Lanka but can’t wait to see it!

Rucksack Magazine

A relatively new publication, Rucksack Magazine has released only one volume in print. Their online journal is impressive too, featuring photo essays and stories from adventurers from around the world- us included. Thier minimal design and focus on high-quality images are inspiring, and the winter volume makes the colder months look even more beautiful than they already are.



Sidetracked is a tri-annual adventure travel magazine which focuses on adventure as well as the feelings and emotions which are felt in the world’s most extreme environments. The first edition was printed in 2014, and since then they have published ten beautiful editions. They have actually just run a limited reprint of the first ever edition as it was so popular. Definitely one to get inspired by.


Les Others

Hailing from France, Les Others is another magazine which we have recently stumbled upon through Instagram. Their #FreshAirClub community has contributed some incredible photography and stories from France and further afield. What began online in 2012 was brought alive in print in 2015, and since they have released six volumes. The cover of volume five has got to be one of our favourite covers to date!


We Move

We were first introduced to We Move magazine by our good friend, Ben Richards, who worked on the design of the first issue. Blurring the lines between sports, lifestyle and creativity, We Move features stories from athletes and creatives about design, expeditions and more.


The Rolling Home

Another publication which started its life online, The Rolling Home is a celebration of an alternative lifestyle. Founders Lauren and Calum bought a VW T4 in 2010 and have since travelled 80,000 miles around Europe in The Rolling Home. Through their love of slow travel and adventure, they amassed a following of over 200k #vanlife lovers and published a book about their adventures. Fast forward to 2017 and they are in the process and putting together volume 4 of their journal which includes stories from international contributors. It’s not just about van life and travel though, there are stories about sustainability, design and much more.

If there are any other adventure magazines you think we should have included, do let us know in the comments. For now, you’ll find us sat with a cup of tea reading one of the above.

*Additional images courtesy of: Another Escape, Ruscksack Magazine, Sidetracked, Les Others, We Move and The Rolling Home 


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