Fuelling An Adventure

December 7, 2017
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Many camping trips and expeditions hinge on your preparation. This could be as simple as figuring out where you want to visit and working out the best places to pitch a tent for the night. Or it could be more involved, working out routes through rugged landscapes and preparing all the gear you need for a longer expedition.

Food is crucial, especially if you are going to be out in the wilderness far from civilisation. You need to make sure you travel with enough provisions to make it through your trip, but you also need to keep practicality in mind.

Gear and food options

Look at the trip you’re taking, are you camping relatively near to a village? This might give you the chance to stock up on provisions meaning you can travel a bit lighter when heading to your destination.

If you’re heading off into the wilderness you need to think about bringing a stove, utensils and enough food to allow you to keep warm and energised. This could be something simple like instant noodles or you could opt for specialised camping meals such as dehydrated Summit to Eat Kits. These sorts of meals are designed specifically for camping trips and are intended to be a quick and convenient way to take full meals with you.

Keeping weight down

The food you travel with should be easy to prepare and easy carry. This is why dehydrated meals, noodles, soups, etc. are such camping staples. Lightweight and usually only needing water and a camping stove to prepare means you can travel with plenty of food without making your pack overly heavy.

Keeping weight to a minimum is a great way to conserve energy, especially if you’re on a hiking trip covering long distances each day. A heavy pack can sap energy and slow you down quicker than you think.

Think about hydration too. What is access to water like on your route? You’ll need it to rehydrate your food as well as something to drink. It might be worth travelling with a few bottles each, alongside means to purify water if you think you might struggle.


The other thing to consider when it comes to keeping energy levels up on a trip is the snacks you have while you’re hiking. Cereal bars, for example, are a great choice, high in sugars they can give you a quick energy boost and help keep you going. Nuts and dried fruit are also great options, they don’t take up a lot of space and can be to hand in a jacket pocket.

Keeping energy levels up is crucial, it helps keeps the mood light and morale high, even when the weather has turned against you and you are battling the elements trying to set up a camp.

Getting your food choices right, from bringing the right gear, to being prepared for your environment and travelling with weight and portability in mind can work wonders, making a trip easier, giving you less to worry about and more time to focus on exploring and enjoying yourself.

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