Climbing & Skiing Four Volcanoes in Four Days with Mabey Ski

April 30, 2020


At the end of February, just before the whole world shut down, 7 skiers arrived in Niseko, Japan. The purpose of their trip was a little different from most tourists that travel to Niseko each winter – they planned to climb and ski four volcanoes in the area to raise money for Protect Our Winters (POW). 

About the Challenge

Four volcanoes in four days. Over 3000m of vertical gain and some very tired legs. That’s exactly what the seven challengers had signed up for – a far cry from the normal ski holiday on which they normally frequent. Nickie Mabey came up with the idea when she was left wanting a bit more from her skiing holidays; a way to push herself, to feel a sense of adventure without pushing too far.

Over the four days, the group of seven were guided up Mount Anupuri, Chisenupuri, Shiribetsu Dake and Yotei by the self-proclaimed Polish Gypsy guiding crew, Tomek and Piotrek. I was on hand to film the whole thing.

Why POW?

The reason for the whole trip was to make some noise about climate change, and by ditching the chairlifts and ascending 4 mountains by human power alone seemed like a good idea.

Nickie Mabey, founder of Mabey Ski said “Over the past 10 years, I’ve seen glaciers virtually disappear in New Zealand and skied on grass in the middle of the ski season in Europe – our winters are quite literally disappearing in front of our eyes. As passionate skiers, snowboarders, and outdoors enthusiasts we need to respect our playground that brings us so many awesome moments and look after it for our future generations.

After ongoing discussions with friends and colleagues about our vanishing winters, it was time to turn my words into actions. I wanted to create a fun but challenging way to shout about climate change, and ski touring 4 volcanoes in 4 days seemed to hit the nail on the head.”

POW UK are doing awesome work to raise awareness and inspire people to make small changes to their lives in order to protect our fragile planet. You can find our more about the great work that goes on here.

Additional images by Piotrek Drzastwa and Tomek Ustupski

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