The Adventure Activists Tour

September 28, 2017

Over the next couple of months, the ‘Adventure Activists Tour 2017’ will visit four locations around the UK, finishing at Kendal Mountain Festival in November. The tour, presented by Kendal Mountain Festival in partnership with Patagonia, will involve a series of events offering audiences an opportunity to hear inspiring stories from some of the worlds most accomplished environmental adventurers. The tour will begin in London on 5th October, before heading north to Manchester on 23rd October, then Betws-y-Coed on 25th October, and finally at Kendal Mountain Festival on 18th November.




Each speaker on the Adventure Activist Tour has gone out of their way to actively make a change. Through their adventures, they have instilled environmental change and transformed opinion throughout the world. Speakers include:

Sarah Outen – London & Manchester 

British adventurer and author who has looped the world on human power alone.  A 4.5-year journey by land and sea, full of adventures and surprises. Having spent months alone at sea – she has witnessed the devastating impact plastic pollution is having on our planet.



Jack Harries – London 

Jack Harries began filmmaking through JacksGap, an online blog and video project that was born from a love of travelling and telling a good story. Through the success of his blog and video projects, Jack realised he had the opportunity to raise awareness of environmental issues and now campaigns against climate change.




Rok Rozman – North Wales & Kendal 

Olympic rower turned environmentalist, Rok Rozman is leader of The Balkan Rivers Tour, gathering kayakers and water-lovers together to raise awareness of the 2,700 dam projects planned for the Balkan Peninsula, a pristine system of wild rivers runs between Slovenia and Albania.

Dan Yates – North Wales

Dan Yates is an avid kayaker and one of the founding members of the ‘Save our Rivers’ charity, whose aim is to keep the UK’s rivers flowing freely.

Rick Ridgeway – Kendal 

One of the world’s most accomplished mountaineers and explorers. Rick has explored six continents, directed documentaries and films, and written several books. He was part of the first American team to summit K2 and has been honoured with National Geographic’s ‘Lifetime Achievement in Adventure’ award. In 2005 Rick joined Patagonia as Vice President of Environmental Affairs.


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