A Glassy Morning On Lake Wanaka

February 4, 2019
kayaking on lake wanaka

The small mountain town of Wanaka gets its name from the lake on which it lies; Lake Wanaka. It’s the fourth largest lake in New Zealand and one of the deepest, and most beautiful. We’ve lived in Wanaka for almost a year now and we’ve spent a lot of time in the mountains that surround the lake but not much time on the water. But with a road trip up to the North Island coming up we thought it would be fun to go for a paddle one Sunday morning.

The Mission

I’ve been trying to orchestrate an overnight kayak/camping trip to one of the islands on the lake; Mou Waho which is an island with a lake on, making it an island on a lake on an island. Confusing but pretty cool. Unfortunately, it’s not happened so instead we went on a self-guided day trip from The Outlet back to the waterfront in town. Having the freedom to go at our own pace and decide our route was a must so The Mission was perfect.

We set off from the Outlet and paddled out across the unusually glassy water towards Stevenson’s Arm before bearing west towards Ruby Island where we stopped for a swim and lunch. We then paddled the final few kilometers back to town where our car was waiting.

It took around four hours including a couple of stops and some leisurely paddling. If you wanted to, you could easily make the trip in two.

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Thanks to Paddle Wanaka for hooking us up with a kayak!


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