Canada: The Adventure Destination

Canada, along with New Zealand sits firmly at the top of the list of destination priorities for  any outdoorsman or adventurer. Towering mountains, glistening azure lakes and dense forests are just a few reasons that Canada draws millions of visitors each year. The variance in terrain throughout this expansive country makes it a completely unique destination, perfect for adventure. From ski-touring in the back country of BC, to mountain biking in Quebec, to canoeing on one of the four Great Lakes, Canada has an endless list of opportunities waiting to be explored. A quick scroll through Instagram will result in countless wanderlust-inducing images of mirrored lakes and misty forests.

Below are three reasons to visit Canada. Before you do though, visit to apply for an electronic travel authorisation pass, and stock up on winter clothing no matter what time of year you visit.

Mother Nature

Mother nature is in full and beautiful display in Canada. Through the four seasons, Canada looks exquisite and unlike the UK, actually gets more beautiful as the winter months draw in. If you’re looking for remote wilderness, be sure visit British Columbia in the West for some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world.  Canada is a massive country geographically, and every inch needs exploring.

 Your Money Goes Further

The Canadian dollar is worth around 80% of the US dollar and around 60% of the pound, so your money can travel intrinsically far during a trip to Canada. You can use this calculator to assess up-to-date exchange rates (, which will help you assess your budget. This is usually spoken of in more exotic locales, but here you have a fully fledged beautiful modern society in which you can stay for long periods of time at the same expense that would only last you somewhat far at home. This is reason itself to visit Canada.

The People

It’s no accident that Canadians are famed for their super friendly mannerisms. Canadians are much quicker to be polite and apologetic as a general rule, compared to many modern densely populated cultures that are quick to dismiss you when you enter the larger cities. It could be argued that the Canadian cold helps stimulate a sense of character, but that would not be a scientific observation, so we’ll leave it as an assumption.

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