3 Must Do Tours In South America

May 6, 2019

Photo by Krys Amon on Unsplash

South America is an adventurous, nature-rich country just waiting to be explored. When travelling to South America, it’s worth noting there are many different tours you can partake in to get the full experience of some of the world-famous landmarks, cities, and natural wonders.

Below are three trips which should definitely be on your radar. 

Peru – Machu Picchu

The mountain-top sacred Inca ruins of Machu Picchu have long been a mystery to those who have studied it, but it sure brings in the tourists each year. With more than 60 monuments, incredible views, and plenty of historical background, an Inca Trail tour to reach the top is a must on any South American travel agenda.

A hiking and camping tour of the Inca Trail takes several days to get to the top, and in that time you’ll be doing a lot of walking, so before you go it’s a good idea to ensure you’re both physically and mentally fit enough to deal with it, as it can be hard work. Top tip: invest in some hiking poles to ease thes strain on your knees on the way down. If that’s not for you, you can reach the top via train and bus.

A true masterpiece of history, art, and culture combined, it’s not hard to see why it’s on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, and rightly so.

Photo by Curioso Photography on Unsplash

Chile – Elqui Valley

This wine valley and star-gazing haven in northern Chile is world-famous when it comes to both of these entities, thanks to its luscious vineyards and lack of light pollution.

A tour of the valley can include many different things – You can opt for a tour of the local wine region, sampling the best Chilean vinos each vineyard has to offer, which is a holiday in itself. In addition to this, you can see the total solar eclipse as part of a special one-off tour, which is due to take place on 2nd July 2019.

Enjoy a VIP experience, where Dr. Stuart Clark, astronomy expert, will provide key information and lectures during and before the eclipse. You’ll also enjoy local wine and a picnic, as well as a private charter plane to and from the site. The region is famed for its stargazing thanks to a whopping 360 clear nights a year and is the ideal location to watch this natural phenomenon.

Photo by Paula Porto on Unsplash

Brazil – Rio de Janeiro

You can’t go to South America without a tour of Rio itself.

If you’re not one for heights, you might want to steer clear of some of the mountain climbs, but they’re so spectacular I’d recommend pushing the boundaries on this occasion. There’s Sugarloaf mountain, where many travel hundreds of miles to come and see Christ the Redeemer looming over the city, the Corcovado granite peak mountain, and Pedra da Gavea – One of the highest mountains in the world which overlooks the coast of Brazil and panoramic views of Rio itself.

Then there are the beaches – Embark on a tour of Rio’s best beaches, including of course the iconic Copacabana, with its waved design on the walkway and wide golden sands, stretching for as far as the eye can see. Plus, you can’t leave without a tour of the city itself.

Photo by Andy Falconer on Unsplash


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